The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Bran an torcdubh mac Bruide

(Bruce Hanwright)


Given by Ædward I and Yolande I on 11 Apr 2004, at Rowany Festival XXII (8-13 Apr 2004 at Crossroads Medieval Village, Yass, NSW, AU). 

 Master Bran has travelled to the Warrior plane and resides there..

His persona was from Dal Riada, the Irish settlement on the West Coast of (now) Scotland (now called Argyllshire) after a split in the powerful Uí Néill Clan circa 500 AD under Fergus Mór mac Eirc.  His specific period was soon after Kenneth Mac Alpin united the Dal Riadans (Scots/Irish), the Albannach (Northern Picts), the Goddodin (South Eastern Picts) and the Cruithne (Strathclyde Picts) mid 9th Century AD.  He was therefore looking at late 9th Century to early 10th Century. 

His persona is a blend of Scots, Pictish and Irish.  He tried to use the ideas from these peoples in his garb and in the accessories he wore, and in the designs he created to decorate them. 

Alternative Title – Maighstir

Current Protégés:

Roskva Alunsdottir (River Haven), Alanna Galliwoode (Aneala – currently Insulae Draconis), and Ersébet Szöke (St Florians), Creena (St Florians)

Past Protégés:

Master Gilchrist Morgan, Mistress Hroðny Aradóttir

Current Interests:

  • He enjoyed designing and crafting Celtic Designs, on leather, material and wood by carving, painting and/or stamping – he embellished his garb and my accessories, and have designed Duchy and Baronial Coronets and pouches for many people around the Known Worlde
  • He enjoyed cooking for large numbers of people, and ensuring that they all leave the event with good feelings
  • He enjoyed wayfaring to other groups and seeing and assisting in the way they do things
  • He enjoyed relaxing and interacting with other SCA players at events


In progress


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Current Group:

St Florian del la Riviere

Last Update: 29 November, 2017

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