The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Acacia de Navarre

(Chris d'Aquino)


Rowany Festival March AS XXXVI By Uther and Portia

Mestra (Mistress) Acacia de Navarre is a 15th century Lady of the Portuguese Court who loves embroidery, cooking and singing especially madrigal music. My laugh has been known to deafen people at 50 meters and is sometimes used as a navigational aid at Rowany - you have been warned.

Acacia is also a member of the Order of the Laurels.

Chris d'Aquino is of Portuguese/Irish desent (explains the sense of humour) who is employed by Legal Aid Qld to wander around outback Queensland working with rural communities. Chris is not quieter than Acacia. ..(please be patient with my email reply as I am sometimes out bush)

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Current Interests:

Embroidery especially Opus Anglicanum and Bayeux work. I also have an interest in cooking and feasting, singing, and chocolate frogs.


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Yet to be registered.


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St Florian de la Rivere


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